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Road Trip Tips

Road Trip Tips

First things first: There are no rules, only guidelines. There is no "right" way to do things, only personal preference. And experience is the best teacher. But with a little practice and the proper attitude, packing can become an exciting time of anticipation rather than a tedious chore.

Many people feel packing a motorcycle is more about what you leave behind than what you take. One technique is to put everything you would like to bring into a big pile on the floor. Remove the least-essential items first. Eliminate items one by one until the pile becomes manageable – and packable. (And don't forget to check your owner's manual for the cargo weight limits of your bike.

We’ve provided a list of packable items, consider this list a starting point – a "virtual" pile on the floor.

Travel tips from experience tour riders

  • Lightweight synthetic clothing – such as T-shirts and underwear – can be washed in a hotel sink and dried overnight (cotton fabrics take too long to dry in this manner)
  • Zipper-lock plastic bags of various sizes can be extremely useful for organising items in saddlebags and duffle bags. They can make it easier to find and retrieve particular items without unpacking your entire motorcycle. Use the one-gallon size to pack one day's worth of clothes – jeans, undergarments, and shirt. This makes it easier to unpack just what you need.
  • Don't fold your clothes – roll them. They take up less space that way.
  • Pack items that have more than one use. A multi-tool is handier than a basic pocket knife.
  • When traveling with other riders, conserve space by comparing packing lists and eliminating duplicate items.
  • When traveling (two-up) with a spouse or "significant other", ask yourself questions such as: "Can we share a tube of toothpaste?" or "Can I get by using her shampoo for a week?"
  • On long trips, consider bringing your rattiest underwear (or other clothing), then just throw it away when you're done with it!
  • Check the cargo weight limits of your bike - as wells as the bags and racks - and adjust tyre pressure and suspension accordingly.
  • Few things are as easy to pack as money or credit cards. If you're struggling with whether or not to bring a particular item, consider simply buying it on the road if you need it.
  • If you watch the ounces, the pounds will take care of themselves. When possible, lighter is better.
  • When loading your bike, keep as much weight as possible close to the bike's centre of gravity. That means low and toward the tank, distributed evenly from side to side.
  • A day or two before you leave, do a dry run. Pack the bike and go for a short ride, then adjust the load as needed.
  • If you're camping, set up your tent once or twice before you leave (and don't forget to waterproof it). Practice setting it up in the dark.
  • With your bike fully loaded for your road trip, check your headlamp to make sure it’s properly aimed.
  • Pack all your cold weather and rain gear no matter what time of year it is.
  • Plastic bags make great boot liners if you forgot your gaiters. If you forgot your rain gloves, rubber dishwashing gloves make great, inexpensive substitutes.
  • A small towel can be wrapped around your neck during a rainstorm to keep water from running down your back – and doubles as a shop rag.

Guest riders

Please note that this provision is not to be confused with registration and affiliation as a 1066 guest under the 1066 Guest Policy. Such affiliates cannot participate in 1066 rideouts as rider-operators.

1066 rideouts are primarily for the benefit of 1066 members. We recognise that there are occasions when a member may want to bring a non-member as a guest rider on one of our rideouts. In ALL cases, this can occur only with the advance permission of the lead rider for the specific rideout concerned. If you are the lead rider and you want to bring a guest on a rideout, clear it with the Head Road Captain or Assistant Head Road Captain first. Sorry, we allow guest riders on Harley®s and Buells only – after all, this is a H.O.G.® Chapter.

Also in ALL cases, we will want to know in advance:

  • If the guest is a H.O.G.® member or not
  • The model of bike the guest will be riding
  • How long the guest has held a motorcycle license for – we cannot accept learners
  • What previous experience the guest has of riding in a group, particularly H.O.G.® Chapter groups.
ALL guest riders must complete and sign a H.O.G.® Event Release Form which you can find here. Arrive with your guest and signed Event Release Form at the assembly point for the ride in good time and make yourself known to the Lead Rider who will brief your guest and discuss any issues arising, as appropriate.

Permission for a guest to join one of our rideouts is not automatic and if granted applies only to the specific ride for which that permission is sought. On each separate occasion that a particular guest rider joins a 1066 rideout, a new release form must be completed.

Check rides

The Committee of 1066 would like to offer all Chapter members the opportunity to continue expanding their riding skills.

Our Chapter Safety Officer, John Peddar, is a qualified advanced motorcyclist and a motorcycle observer locally with the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). Assisted by two other Chapter members who are both retired Police Class 1 motorcyclists, they all, like you, love biking and are happy to share their knowledge and riding experiences with you.

Whether you have just passed your test, returning to biking after a break or you are a new member of the 1066 ‘family’ and you wish to review and/ or brush up some of your skills and riding techniques, this is your opportunity to do exactly that by taking a ‘Check Ride’.

Carried out on a one to one informal basis, this is a great excuse to get out on your bike with a fellow chapter member for some fun and as a bonus the chance to hone your riding skills (you never know, what you learn from one of these sessions may one day be a ‘lifesaver’).

The sessions will be arranged at a mutually agreed time and location and all it will cost is a small donation to the Chapter charity.

Interested? Then contact in the first instance: observers@1066chapter.com and one of the team will contact you to arrange the ride.

Your next adventure starts here!

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